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See the Thread Drop

Deirdre is a Linker, a physician-scientist who can sequester illness in a virtual construct and for a few days restore the terminally ill to perfect health. If she fails to defend her patient against a counter-energy known as the Beast, Deirdre will contract the patient’s illness. But that has never stopped her before. So why has she left the Medical Guild? Why has she burned all bridges to her lover and mentor, Socrates? And what possesses her to search for an extinct group of mind-connecting anarchists?

See the Thread Drop is a 55,000 word novel set in the near future in a world where the insights and discoveries of information technology and neuroscience both enslave us and offer us hope for a new freedom. The novel consists of a group of interrelated tales from an enigmatic and somewhat cheeky narrator—a narrator who comes forward sporadically to speak directly to the reader.

The reader follows a group of Linkers, anarchists, and fellow travelers in a sweeping adventure on a world stage at a time of repeated economic dislocations, an increasingly fractured and dangerous Europe, and a newly united southern Africa. This small group – working in different parts of the world – dreams of achieving long-term healing, but their efforts are thwarted by the all-powerful Medical Guild. The intertwining stories chronicle love, the mystery of healing, and faith in cooperative and courageous inquiry.

As the characters find their paths crossing, they begin to suspect that more than coincidence has brought them together and unknown forces are manipulating them. They decide to collaborate in an effort to outwit a malevolent bureaucracy and to unlock the full possibilities of Linking.  

The Author:

DavidDavid M Schuster is a doctor of medicine and a professor at Emory University in Atlanta. He often speaks at national and international conferences on Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. His poetry and fiction have appeared in numerous publications and he has performed his work on stage, radio, and television. He has also co-authored a medical textbook A Clinician’s Guide to Nuclear Medicine.